I’ve always been interested in photography and astronomy. As I am always still learning, these posts are here to showcase my astrophotography journey and discuss different imaging techniques. I’m a software engineer during the day and a member of the San Diego Astronomy Association.

I started with a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer as my first mount using a Canon T3i and a 50mm lens. This was working well but I was having issues with star trails (this would be user error as I would later find out). To try and fix these problems I got a iOptron 1.25″ Stainless Steel Tripod to have a more sturdy mounting location for the Star Adventurer. I also got the PoleMaster which helped immensely to polar align. With the combination of a more sturdy tripod and a much better polar alignment I was able to get much longer exposures without out star trails.

The only issue with the Star Adventurer is that it’s not a Go-To mount. So, I decided to get the Sky-Watcher EQR-6 Go-To mount. I also added to my collection the William Optics ZenithStar 61 mm f/5.9 APO Doublet Refractor Telescope with the Flat61 field flattener.

Clear Skies, Kyle!