Comet NEOWISE and Milky Way Nebulae

Decided to head out to Tierra Del Sol on the night of July 20, 2020. Beautiful night out with no clouds. I had trouble with the Star Adventurer mount before but this time I brought the PoleMaster with me to help with polar alignment. With the correct polar alignment the mount worked really well and I was able to do 30s exposures with 100mm and 60s exposures with 50mm. I probably could have gone longer but my focus was a little off, I need to bring a bahtinov mask next time to help with focusing.

Comet NEOWISE at Tierra Del Sol on July 20 2020.

100mm f2.8 ISO 1200 30s x11, ISO 3200 30s x6, ISO 800 30s x5, ISO 400 30s x5, ISO 1600 30s x7, x16 30s dark frames

Milky Way Nebula at TDS July 20 2020

100mm f2.8 ISO 3200 30s 20x, ISO 1600 30s 20x, 12x 30s dark frames

North American Nebula at TDS July 20 2020

50mm f2.8 ISO 1600 60s x30, 10x 60s dark frames

Photos where taken with a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer mount with a PoleMaster and a Canon T3i connected to a laptop using APT. Processed using DSS and Photoshop.

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